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Overall: 790-634

11.13: Recap 5-2 (+5.3u)

BIG BIG bounce-back night. Just like I said, every time we lose, the next day we take it all back then some. The Brain does a lot of talking for itself, putting up monster numbers when we need it most, and it has a natural gravitation to a win% somewhere north of 60%. We are just reverting to the mean on these nights, and the best time to buy is low! Let’s make some more tonight.

11.14 Picks:

    • πŸ€Β 3u Portland POR +3 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Villanova VILL -8 βœ—
  • 1u Western Carolina WCU +20 βœ—
  • πŸ’
  • 1u Anaheim at Vegas u5.5 βœ“
  • 1u Washington at Winnipeg o6 βœ—
  • 🏈
  • 1u Buffalo BUFF at Ohio OHIO o66.5 βœ“


Overall: 785-632

11.12: Recap 1-5 (-7.7u)

Not a great night, as we got nearly reversed swept. A late win on the Anaheim under saved us from total embarrassment. Historically, we are very strong following a losing night, so something to look forward to in tonight’s match-ups. Still solidly in the black since the start of October. Let’s see what’s in store for today!

11.13 Picks:

    • πŸ€Β 2u Georgia UGA +4.5 βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 1u Charlotte CHA -7.5 βœ—
  • 1u Atlanta ATL +13 βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Canisius CAN ML +125 βœ“
  • πŸ’
  • 1u Vancouver at New York o6 βœ“
  • 1u Florida at Philadelphia o6 βœ—
  • 🏈
  • 1u Western Michigan WMU at Ball State BALL o57 βœ“


Overall: 784-625

11.8: Recap 6-4 (+4.6u)

Sorry this is coming so late, had a lot going on this weekend with my hand repair, so didn’t get around to picks. Following up where we left off, we should have a strong slate tonight. I think I’m going to start pulling back slightly on quantity, now with 6 sports in full action. I think we can take the top 1 or 2 picks from each sport and roll with those for maximum conviction. In theory, we should be more effective on these top picks, so I’m interested in any strategy that will put us consistently in the black. Sticking to your favorite sport should net you profit in the short and long run. Let’s go.

11.12 Picks:

    • πŸ€Β 3u Golden State GS -2.5 βœ—
  • ⚽
  • 1u Huracan vs Godoy Cruz u2.5 βœ—
  • 1u Defensa y Justicia ML +205 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Toronto TOR -10 βœ—
  • πŸ’
  • 1u Nashville at Anaheim u5.5 βœ“
  • 🏈
  • 1u New York NYG at San Francisco SF u45.5 βœ—


Overall: 778-621

11.7: Recap 3-7 (-8.6u)

Tough go last night, as we dropped every NCAAF play. A late safety and missed 29-yard field goal forced losses for both the Ohio spread and over plays. Just unfortunate. Let’s rebound tonight!

11.8 Picks:

    • ⚽ 2u Celtic vs RasenBallsport Leipzig o2.5 βœ“
  • ⚽
  • 2u Genk vs Besiktas o3 βœ—
  • 1u Bayer Leverkusen vs FC Zuerich o2.5 βœ—
  • 1u AC Milan ML +290 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Oklahoma City OKC +5 βœ“
  • 2u Portland POR -5 βœ“
  • πŸ’
  • 2u Vegas at Ottawa o5.5 βœ“
  • 1u Arizona at Philadelphia u6 βœ—
  • 1u Edmonton at Florida u6 βœ“
  • 🏈
  • 1u Carolina CAR at Pittsburgh PIT o51 βœ“


Overall: 775-614

11.6: Recap 5-5 (+2.4u)

Up day to get us back into the green for the month of November. Short write-ups over the next couple weeks, cause I broke my finger in our Championship soccer game (no — we lost) and it’s impossible to type with the angle of this cast. Let’s see what’s on tonight!

11.7 Picks:

    • 🏈 3u Ohio OHIO -5.5Β βœ—
  • ⚽
  • 2u Juventus ML -135Β βœ—
  • 1u Juventus vs Manchester United o2.5Β βœ“
  • 1u Benfica vs Ajax o2.5Β βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Oklahoma City OKC -6Β βœ“
  • 1u Chicago CHI +11Β βœ“
  • πŸ’
  • 1u Calgary at Anaheim o5.5Β βœ—
  • 1u Pittsburgh at Washington o6.5Β βœ—
  • 🏈
  • 2u Toledo TOL +3.5Β βœ—
  • 1u Ohio OHIO at Miami (OH) M-OH o59.5Β βœ—


Overall: 770-609

11.5: Recap 4-3 (-0.5u)

Slight loss, despite a sweep in NBA picks and a 1-win, 1-push showing in NHL. Looking forward to the return of NCAAB tonight, which was an outstanding money-maker last year. Let’s see the picks!

11.6 Picks:

    • πŸ€Β 3u Brooklyn BKN ML -130Β βœ“
  • ⚽
  • 2u Inter vs Barcelona o2.5Β βœ—
  • 2u Monaco vs Club Bruges o2.5Β βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 1u Milwaukee MIL -2Β βœ—
  • 1u Charlotte CHA -12Β βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 1u Michigan St MSU +6Β βœ“
  • 1u The Citadel CIT +26Β βœ“
  • πŸ’
  • 1u Carolina at St. Louis o5.5Β βœ—
  • 1u Vancouver at Detroit o5.5Β βœ—
  • 🏈
  • 2u Kent State KENT at Buffalo BUFF o43Β βœ“


Overall: 766-606

11.2: Recap 9-8 (-1.8u)

Closed the week up another 4.6u. I’m already seeing a lot of value on the table this week, so let’s make the most of it. Won’t want to miss tonight’s NFL pick, which is our lone Brain Pick for Monday night. Here we go!

11.5 Picks:

    • 🏈 3u Dallas DAL -5Β βœ—
  • ⚽
  • 1u Huddersfield vs Fulham o2.5Β βœ—
  • 1u Espanyol ML -108Β βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Toronto TOR -2Β βœ“
  • 1u LA LAC -5Β βœ“
  • πŸ’
  • 1u Edmonton at Washington o6 P
  • 1u Montreal at New York o5.5Β βœ“
  • 🏈
  • 1u Tennessee TEN at Dallas DAL u40Β βœ—


Overall: 757-598

11.1: Recap 6-6 (-1.5u)

Ok., manageable loss on the night due to a few missed covers. No point in crying over spilled milk, let’s look at some positives. NCAAF swept and our score predictions were right on point. We had the NIU game pegged as well, but unfortunately conviction was limited to only 3 posted picks. Strong night in the NHL as well, missing only one pick in a shootout. As is the Friday tradition, mega list tonight! Good luck.

11.2 Picks:

    • 🏈 3u Alabama ALA at LSU LSU o53.5Β βœ—
  • ⚽
  • 2u Galatasaray ML +115Β βœ—
  • 2u VfB Stuttgart vs Eintracht Frankfurt o2.5Β βœ“
  • 1u Eintracht Frankfurt ML +140Β βœ“
  • 1u Excelsior vs FC Groningen o2.5Β βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 2u LA LAC -3Β βœ“
  • 1u Oklahoma City OKC +3Β βœ“
  • πŸ’
  • 2u Winnipeg ML -140Β βœ—
  • 2u Florida at Winnipeg o6 P
  • 1u Colorado at Vancouver u6Β βœ—
  • 🏈
  • 2u Alabama ALA -13.5Β βœ“
  • 2u Boise State BSU -12.5Β βœ—
  • 1u Georgia Tech GT -5.5Β βœ“
  • 1u Florida Intl FIU ML -140Β βœ—
  • 🏈
  • 2u Kansas City KC -9.5Β βœ“
  • 1u New England NE -5.5Β βœ“
  • 1u Washington WSH ML -125Β βœ—
  • 1u Pittsburgh PIT at Baltimore BAL o47Β βœ—


Overall: 751-592

10.31: Recap 5-3 (+0.3u)

Rabbit, Rabbit…Yet another winning day. Heartbreaking loss by Metz late in that game hit us hard, but I guess that’s the nature of tournaments. Chance for a worse team to outperform and beat a team that’s clearly better on paper. We’ll chalk that one up as unlucky, and push ahead. Just like I said, I’m going to outline some basic stats from the month of October, then get into tonight’s picks. Only two losing sports over the month, and one is actually the sport that The Brain is best at…66% in NCAAF over the broader population. NHL was a big money-maker for us last year, so I expect that to turn around as well. Positive records across all six sports.

October: +25.9u

  • NBA: 24 – 16Β +12.0u
  • NHL: 31 – 29 -2.8u
  • NFL: 12 – 11Β +2.6u
  • MLB: 12 – 11Β +6.3u
  • NCAAF: 15 – 14 -3.7u
  • FIFA: 18 – 9 +11.7u

On $1,000 bankroll (2% bankroll units): $1,518.60 (+51.86%) Balance on Oct. 31st


With that out of the way, now onto November…

11.1 Pick:

    • πŸ€Β 3u Charlotte CHA ML -115Β βœ—
  • ⚽
  • 2u Zulte-Waregem vs Standard Liege o3Β βœ“
  • 1u Newells Old Boys vs Rosario Central u2Β βœ—
  • 1u Standard Liege ML +135Β βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Milwaukee MIL +3Β βœ—
  • 2u LA LAC +5Β βœ—
  • πŸ’
  • 2u Washington at Montreal o6Β βœ“
  • 1u NY Rangers at Anaheim u5.5Β βœ“
  • 1u Pittsburgh ML -155Β βœ—
  • 🏈
  • 2u UCF UCF -11.5Β βœ“
  • 2u Ohio OHIO -2.5Β βœ“
  • 1u Temple TEM at UCF UCF o60.5Β βœ“


Overall: 746-589

10.30: Recap 6-4 (+5.7u)

Great night, hauling us in another 5.7u of profit. Big, big gains during October, totaling +25.6u. I will be providing a full recap of how every sport did when the month officially closes tomorrow, but anticipate a lot of green on the board. Unfortunately, our parlay wasn’t even close. Just got excited at the big slate and forced it. No big deal, only risked 0.25u on it, which we easily made back. We’ll be back with a higher conviction parlay soon enough. Let’s see what we got today.

10.31 Picks:

    • πŸ€Β 2u Detroit DET +3Β βœ“
  • ⚽
  • 2u Metz ML +110Β βœ—
  • 1u Borussia M.Gladbach vs Bayer Leverkusen o2.5Β βœ“
  • 1u AC Milan vs Genoa o2.5Β βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 1u San Antonio SA -7Β βœ“
  • 1u Utah UTAH at Minnesota MIN u223.5Β βœ—
  • πŸ’
  • 2u Chicago ML -130Β βœ—
  • 1u Chicago at Vancouver o5.5Β βœ“