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Overall: 831-673

11.28: Recap 5-4 (+2.5u)

Trending higher. Another positive night for The Brain, in what looks to be shaping up to a very strong week. Plenty of winners tonight, so don’t miss out. Unfortunately, the soccer was this afternoon, but i posted them on twitter and instagram (@thebrainpicks), so be sure to follow there to get the plays first! Here we go.

11.29 Picks:

    • 🏈 3u New Orleans NO -7 βœ—
  • ⚽
  • 2u Eintracht Frankfurt vs Marseille o2.5 βœ“
  • 1u Eintracht Frankfurt ML -160 βœ“
  • 1u Slavia Prague ML -145 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Belmont BEL -8 βœ—
  • 1u Georgia Southern GASO +10 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Indiana IND +5 βœ—
  • 1u LA LAC -4 βœ“
  • πŸ’
  • 2u New York at Ottawa o6.5 βœ“
  • 1u Minnesota at Columbus o5.5 βœ“
  • 🏈
  • 2u New Orleans NO at Dallas DAL o52 βœ—


Overall: 826-669

11.27: Recap 6-2 (+6.7u)

Very solid outing to keep us trending upwards. Make sure to check out The Brain on twitter and instagram (@thebrainpicks) to receive the top picks as they become available. Turn on notifications so you get the picks before each game starts! The site will continue to show ALL top algorithm picks each day, but twitter and instagram will have the highest conviction picks w/ some qualitative analysis to maximize winners. Let’s see the full list for tonight.

11.28 Picks:

    • πŸ€Β 3u Georgia State GAST -3 βœ“
  • ⚽
  • 1u PSV Eindhoven vs Barcelona o3 P
  • 1u Borussia Dortmund vs Club Bruges o3 βœ—
  • 1u FC Porto ML -115 βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Purdue PUR +4 βœ“
  • 2u Northern Illinois NIU -2 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 1u Brooklyn BKN +4 βœ—
  • 1u San Antonio SA +5 βœ—
  • πŸ’
  • 1u Pittsburgh at Colorado o6 βœ“
  • 1u St. Louis at Detroit o5.5 βœ“


Overall: 820-667

11.26: Recap 4-1 (+1.8u)

Nearly a full sweep last night, missing The Brain’s pick by just one goal. We still finished strong and face another big week of plays ahead, so won’t want to miss out. I started a twitter feed that I am going to hopefully keep up going forward to spread the wisdom of The Brain to more people, link here (@TheBrainPicks), and am playing with opening up an instagram account as well, details on that to come. For now, here’s what we have for today:

11.27 Picks:

    • πŸ’Β 2u Ottawa at Philadelphia o6.5 βœ“
  • ⚽
  • 2u Bayern Munich vs Benfica o2.5 βœ“
  • 2u Hoffenheim vs Shakhtar Donetsk o3 βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 1u Toronto TOR -5 βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Iona IONA +1 βœ—
  • 2u East Tennessee State ETSU +4 βœ“
  • 1u Michigan State MSU -6 βœ—
  • πŸ’
  • 1u Pittsburgh at Winnipeg o6 βœ“


Overall: 816-666

11.22: Recap 3-4 (+0.5u)

Back at it after the long weekend. We closed the week positive, helping to add to our yearly totals. Looking to push higher through less plays, higher conviction. As is always the case, we are going to give the highest conviction pick to “The Brain’s Pick.” These are 60%+ on the year. Here we go!

11.26 Picks:

    • πŸ’Β 2u Ottawa at NY Rangers o6.5 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 1u Washington WSH +3 βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 1u Murray State MURR +9 βœ“
  • πŸ’
  • 1u New Jersey at Florida o6.5 βœ“
  • 🏈
  • 1u Houston HOU -4 βœ“


Overall: 813-662

11.21: Recap 6-5 (+4.5u)

Happy Thanksgiving! Solid outing last night to give us some padding for today’s slate. We really should have had some more, but Boston lost in overtime and fouls killed us late in the Louisville game. Let’s look to push into the green on today’s recommendations. Here we go.

11.22 Picks:

    • πŸ€Β 3u Wisconsin WIS -4.5 βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Nevada NEV -15 βœ—
  • 1u Abilene Christian ACU -4 βœ“
  • 🏈
  • 2u New Orleans NO -11.5 βœ“
  • 1u Washington WSH +7 βœ—
  • 1u Chicago CHI at Detroit DET o43 βœ—
  • 1u Atlanta ATL at New Orleans NO o59.5 βœ—


Overall: 807-657

11.120: Recap 2-4 (-7.9u)

Only winning our 1u plays last night was a killer. Our record wasn’t too bad, but we dropped all the higher unit plays which sent us deep into negative territory. We will make a push to get this back as fast as possible. Huge slate tonight, and tomorrow’s looks great as well. Here’s what we have for now.

11.21 Picks:

    • πŸ€Β 3u Gonzaga GONZ +7 βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Denver DEN +1 βœ“
  • 2u New Orleans NO +5 βœ“
  • 1u Indiana IND +4 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Louisville LOU +8 βœ—
  • 2u Georgia UGA -3 βœ—
  • πŸ’
  • 2u Florida at Tampa Bay o6 βœ“
  • 2u Montreal at New Jersey o5.5 βœ“
  • 1u Ottawa at Minnesota o6 βœ“
  • 1u Toronto ML -110 βœ—
  • 1u Boston ML -120 βœ—


Overall: 805-653

11.19: Recap 4-3 (+3.5u)

Strong winning night thanks to unit placement. Looking at a very strong NCAAB season so far, with high conviction on a lot of games. We are only posting the best picks here, andΒ 9-5 in those to start this young season. NHL was hot too last night, with neither pick in any sort of doubt. Let’s add a few more to the win column tonight.

11.20 Picks:

    • πŸ€Β 3u Illinois ILL +3 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 2u LA LAC -1 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Colorado COLO +5 βœ—
  • 2u Pacific PAC +6 βœ—
  • πŸ’
  • 1u Edmonton at San Jose o6 βœ“
  • 🏈
  • 1u Western Michigan WMU +6.5 βœ“


Overall: 801-650

11.16: Recap 5-9 (-4.1u)

Some tough roller-coaster type drops last week led to a losing week, which we don’t see all that often. System plays suggest we should have a strong bounce-back this week, which I’m definitely excited about. Typically, we are always very good coming off a loss with our sample (across 3,000+ total games), so it could be a huge night tonight. Let’s see if we can kick off this week on a high note.

11.19 Picks:

    • πŸ€Β 3u Northern Iowa UNI +3 βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Dallas DAL +3 βœ—
  • 1u Oklahoma City OKC -3 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 3u Eastern Kentucky EKY -5 βœ“
  • 2u USC USC +7 βœ—
  • πŸ’
  • 2u Florida at Ottawa o5.5 βœ“
  • 1u Washington at Montreal o5.5 βœ“
  • 🏈
  • 2u Kansas City KC +3 P


Overall: 796-641

11.15: Recap 4-3 +(3.7u)

Cue the bounceback! I don’t like the ups and downs, but is definitely a fun roller coaster to ride. As long as we continue trending in an upward direction, I’ll take a lumpy +20% (since Sept. 30th) over the S&P’s -6.3% any day. Posting the full slate for the weekend tonight, which involves some of my favorite picks of the year. We’re still down a little bit this week on a unit basis – let’s see if we can close out the week on top!

11.16 Picks:

    • 🏈 2u Florida Intl FIU -6 βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 1u Portland POR -2 βœ—
  • 1u Toronto TOR +2 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Rutgers RUTG +3 βœ—
  • 2u Miami (OH) M-OH -3 βœ“
  • πŸ’
  • 1u Washington at Colorado o6 βœ—
  • 1u Toronto ML -120 βœ“
  • 🏈
  • 2u Boston College BC -1.5 βœ—
  • 1u Texas Tech TTU -6 βœ—
  • 1u Utah State USU -28.5 βœ—
  • 1u Syracuse SYR +10 βœ—
  • 🏈
  • 2u New Orleans NO -8 βœ“
  • 1u Pittsburgh PIT ML -5 βœ—
  • 1u Indianapolis IND -1 βœ“


Overall: 792-638

11.14: Recap 2-4 (-5.7u)

That was short lived, gave it all right back. Tough market conditions out there, certainly not making anything easy for our fund. We are still a healthy +12.5u since inception (October 1st), so nobody’s pushing any panic buttons just yet. Let’s see if we can’t gain some steam heading into the weekend. Here we go!

11.15 Picks:

    • 🏈  2u Houston HOU -8.5 βœ“
  • πŸ€
  • 2u Davidson DAV -3 βœ“
  • 1u Idaho State IDST +2 βœ—
  • 1u Fresno State FRES +11 βœ“
  • πŸ’
  • 1u New Jersey at Philadelphia o6 βœ—
  • 1u Detroit at Ottawa o6 βœ—
  • 🏈
  • 2u Parlay -113 βœ“
    • North Texas UNT ML -185
    • Toledo TOL ML -450