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Overall: 239-144

3.21: Recap 6-4


6-4 night…nothing to write home about, but if you watched any of the last three games – Bruins, Pacers, or Nets – you would have seen that all three dominated for 99% of their respective games. Every stat in the book pointed in their favors until the last few minutes of play, at which point all three agreed to roll-over and choke away their respective leads. To think…we could have gone 9-1 last night, smdh. NCAAB is back tonight, and the basketball model is getting a huge readjustment which i think will help the kids a lot. Posting these picks as a bonus…not counted towards the overall record for obvious reasons. Full slate of NHL and NBA and even an international soccer friendly peppered in tonight too…BOL

3.22 picks:

  • ⚽
  • Denmark-Panama o2.5Β βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • Philadelphia PHI -8 (implied -15)Β βœ“
  • Utah UTAH -8 (implied -13)Β βœ—
  • Atlanta ATL +2 (implied -3)Β βœ—
  • πŸ’
  • Tampa Bay ML -180Β βœ“
  • Washington ML -170Β βœ“
  • Nashville ML -165Β βœ—
  • Edmonton at Ottawa — o6Β βœ“
  • NY Rangers at Philadelphia — o6Β βœ“
  • Vegas at San Jose — o5.5Β βœ—
  • πŸ†
  • Loyola (Chi) LCHI +2 (implied -7)Β βœ“
  • Michigan MICH -3 (implied -11)Β βœ“
  • Gonzaga GONZ -6 (implied -18)Β βœ—
  • Kentucky UK -5 (implied -9)Β βœ—


Overall: 233-140

3.20: Recap 3-5

3-5 last night. Some wild upsets in the NHL, and the Toronto Raptors laying off at the end of the game to only win by 7 certainly didn’t help, Houston Rockets missed covering by 1 (!!) point too. Conviction is still very high, so it just looks like were going to give back some of last weeks profits, nothing more. International soccer is back with a few secondary English league games. Big day today to let’s make it all back. Lets go.

3.21 picks:

    • ⚽
    • Walsall-Wigan o2.25Β βœ“
    • Crawley Town-Wycombe o2.5Β βœ“
    • πŸ€
    • Indiana IND +1 (implied -4)Β βœ—
    • Cleveland CLE -2 (implied -4)Β βœ“
    • Brooklyn BKN +2 (implied -2)Β βœ—
    • πŸ’
    • Pittsburgh ML -260Β βœ“
    • Boston ML -117Β βœ—
    • Arizona ML -105Β βœ“
    • Montreal at Pittsburgh — o5.5Β βœ“
    • Boston at St. Louis — o5.5Β βœ—


Overall: 230-135

3.19: Recap 4-7

4-7 last night, and our people’s parlay was a sad 5-3. No money yesterday, but we will rebound tonight, as is always the case in the rare nights that The Brain goes negative.

3.20 picks:

  • πŸ€
  • Houston HOU -5 (implied -12)Β βœ—
  • Toronto TOR -10 (implied -13)Β βœ—
  • πŸ’
  • Pittsburgh ML -165Β βœ—
  • Philadelphia ML -160Β βœ—
  • Colorado ML -120Β βœ“
  • Pittsburgh at NY Islanders — o6.5Β βœ—
  • Toronto at Tampa Bay — o6.5Β βœ“
  • Florida at Ottawa — o6Β βœ“

CLOSED: 3.19 People’s Parlay “Robin Hood”

Result: 5-3 βœ—

Alright folks, here it is…the first ever “People’s Parlay.”

“Robin Hood” – We’re executing this with the goal in mind to take from the rich (Vegas) and give to the poor (All of us sad saps).

$10 to win $693 – I will distribute evenly to everyone that signs up below. Simply fill out the form with your name and email, so i know where to send the $$ when we win. I’ll give people an idea of numbers when we get closer to game time. The opportunity for inclusion ends at 7pm when the first game starts.

This first parlay is 100% FREE for all, just giving a taste of what’s to come in the new format.





Overall: 226-128

3.16: Recap 6-3

Stellar 6-3 Friday, with some enormous wins in the NHL o/u market. On the other side of the coin, Dallas (-170) lost in soul crushing fashion against the Ottawa Senators deep into OT.Β  obviously the NCAAB picks were trash, so we’re not even going to discuss the bracket or anything college related for a while…Big, big pro slate tonight, so i’m thinking about putting together a free “people’s parlay.” Like Robin Hood, I plan to steal from the rich and give to the poor, so if it hits I will share a slice of the profits with all who follow me on a regular basis. More on this to come this afternoon when the NHL starting goalies are announced. I will post a full summary of the parlay and what the payout looks like. This is by no means a guarantee of $$, but rather a fun way to keep everyone engaged in this new website format.

BOL all, stay tuned for the parlay info.

3.19 picks:

  • ⚽
  • (French Ligue 2) Brest-Nimes o2.5Β βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • Milwaukee MIL +3 (implied -2)Β βœ—
  • Memphis MEM +6 (implied +5)Β βœ“
  • Golden State GS at San Antonio SA — o203.5Β βœ—
  • πŸ’
  • Nashville ML -240Β βœ“
  • Boston ML -160Β βœ—
  • Florida ML -145Β βœ“
  • Florida at Montreal — o6Β βœ—
  • Calgary at Arizona — u5.5Β βœ—
  • Nashville at Buffalo — o6Β βœ—
  • Columbus at Boston — o5.5Β βœ“

All Day 2 Round 3.16.18

Bracket: 19-13

ATS: 12-17-3

  • πŸ†
  • Texas A&M TAMU -3 (implied -5)Β βœ“
  • CS Fullerton CSF +20 (implied +16)Β βœ—
  • Wichita State WICH -12 (implied -15)Β βœ—
  • Cincinnati CIN -14 (implied -17) βœ“
  • Lipscomb LIP +21 (implied +10) βœ“
  • Arkansas ARK +2 (implied -1)Β βœ—
  • Murray State MURR +10 (implied -5)Β βœ—
  • Nevada NEV +2 (implied -6)Β βœ“
  • Creighton CREI PK (implied -9)Β βœ—
  • Bucknell BUCK +14 (implied +5)Β βœ“
  • Xavier XAV -19 (implied -19) P
  • Charleston COFC +10 (implied +4)Β βœ“
  • Virginia UVA -21 (implied -21)Β βœ—
  • TCU TCU -5 (implied -6)Β βœ—
  • Missouri MIZ +2 (implied -2)Β βœ—
  • New Mexico State NMSU +5 (implied -15)Β βœ—

As promised, here is the full bracket:



Overall: 220-125

3.15: Recap 7-2 (bonus 6-8-2)

7-2 for brain picks last night, despite a tough showing for NCAAB games. I’m going to go back on what i said earlier with all picks counting towards the overall. Reason being, it’s seemingly impossible to predict who is going to show up on game day in NCAAB. Data can have a 100% conviction, but then a team will go 0-14 from 3 and lose by 18 (NC Central). It’s just not a good reflection of the model as a whole.

That said, I will be breaking out success rate by sport in a post later on today or tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that. NHL is undoubtedly the best (I’m guessing >70%). Full bracket and ATS plays coming today also.

3.16 picks:

  • πŸ€
  • Toronto TOR -12 (implied -18)Β βœ—
  • Miami MIA +4 (implied -2) (outright win +110) βœ“
  • Miami MIA at Los Angeles LAL — u219.5Β βœ“
  • πŸ’
  • Dallas ML -140Β βœ—
  • Anaheim ML -240Β βœ“
  • Vegas ML -170Β βœ—
  • NY Islanders at Washington — o6Β βœ“
  • Minnesota at Vegas — o5.5Β βœ“
  • Nashville at Colorado — o5.5Β βœ“

All Day 1 Round 3.15.18

Bracket: 11-5

ATS: 6-8-2


  • πŸ†
  • Wright State WRST +12 (implied +1)Β βœ—
  • Rhode Island URI -2 (implied -8)Β βœ“
  • Gonzaga GONZ -13 (implied -23)Β βœ—
  • Pennsylvania PENN +14 (implied +11)Β βœ—
  • Duke DUKE -21 (implied -22)Β βœ“
  • Loyola (Chi) L-IL +2 (implied -11)Β βœ“
  • South Dakota State SDST +8 (implied +1) P
  • NC State NCST +3 (implied -2)Β βœ—
  • Villanova VILL -23 (implied -24)βœ“
  • Davidson DAV +5 (implied -4) P
  • Houston HOU -5 (implied -5)βœ—
  • Stephen F. Austin SFA +11 (implied -4)βœ“
  • Virginia Tech VT -3 (implied -6)Β βœ—
  • Buffalo BUFF +8 (implied +3)Β βœ“
  • Montana MONT +10 (implied +3)Β βœ—
  • St. Bonaventure SBON +6 (implied +4)Β βœ—


Overall: 220-125

3.14 Recap: 6-5 (1-1 bonus)

6-5 day…sheesh. Bonus was 0-2. Not great. I will be sending out picks for EVERY SINGLE NCAAB game today, so more posts to follow and every pick will count towards the overall record.

I will be posting another article on here in a bit with more picks, but here are ATS plays for the first few mid-day games:

  • πŸ†
  • Wright State WRST +12 (implied +1)Β βœ—
  • Rhode Island URI -2 (implied -8)Β βœ“
  • Gonzaga GONZ -13 (implied -23)Β βœ—
  • Duke DUKE -21 (implied -22)Β βœ“

3.15 picks Recap 7-2 (early bonus 2-2):

  • Β πŸ€
  • LA LAC +12 (implied -2)Β βœ“
  • Toronto TOR -4 (implied -16)Β βœ“
  • Cleveland CLE at Portland POR — u222Β βœ“
  • πŸ’
  • Nashville MLΒ βœ“
  • Toronto MLΒ βœ“
  • Boston MLΒ βœ—
  • Washington at NY Islanders — o5.5Β βœ“
  • Boston at Florida — o5.5Β βœ—
  • Pittsburgh at Montreal — o6Β βœ“

3.14 Recap: 6-5 (1-1 bonus)

  • ⚽
  • Chelsea +1 βœ—
  • Chelsea 1H +1/2 βœ—
  • πŸ€
  • Boston BOS +3 & ML +125 (implied -7) βœ”
  • Los Angeles LAL +8 (implied +3) βœ—
  • Washington WSH at Boston BOS — o203.5 βœ”
  • πŸ’
  • Vegas ML -190 βœ—
  • San Jose ML -140 βœ”
  • Pittsburgh ML -210 βœ—
  • Pittsburgh at NY Rangers — o6 βœ”
  • New Jersey at Vegas — o5.5Β βœ”
  • San Jose at Edmonton — o65.5Β βœ”